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Naselje Matica, Zvezdara
Naselje Matica, Zvezdara

"Matica" settlement, Zvezdara

In the peaceful suburb, surrounded by green area, at the outskirts of Zvezdara, there is a residential complex. Why this is the ideal home for those who choose to live here? Get your home in the nature quickly from the downtown, breathe the fresh air at 230m altitude, be cozy in a new apartment, and relax by the view at the city and Zvezdara forest too from your balcony, take a walk in the garden, ...

Properties listed

Hotel "Diamond"

We are pleased to announce the beginning of construction of our new residential and commercial building at the elite location at Zlatiobr mountain. The distance from Hotel Palisad is 180, from Mona Hotel, 300m, and the distance from the roundabout on the route is 900m.

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Hotel Diamond, Zlatibor

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